Moment of the Year

West Bromwich Albion’s Promotion Scenes – 22/07/20

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We didn’t need a poll to decide the winner here. The maddest of seasons, fittingly ended in the maddest way possible. An incredibly tense 2-2 draw at The Hawthorns versus a tricky QPR outift wasn’t enough to see the Baggies promoted unless underdogs Barnsley could nick at least a draw against a formidable Brentford side.

No one gave the Yorkshire club much of a chance against Albion’s promotion rivals, but as the game entered the final moments, Barnsley were holding out for a shock 2-1 win which would send Bilic and his boys up. But after what felt like an eternity, the final whistle blew up north. West Brom were promoted to the Premier League once again.

Champagne showers, emotional embraces and even a flare made its way on to the pitch in Darnell Furlong’s hands as the relief washed over fans, players and staff alike. Fans broke lockdown rules in their pilgrimage to celebrate with their heroes as the “WE ARE PREMIER LEAGUE” chants broke out in B71.

It was nervy, it was exciting, it was perfect.

The winner of the 2020 WBA Report Moment of the Year is West Bromwich Albion’s Promotion Scenes!

Moment to Forget

COVID’s Postponement of Football

There’s an argument to be made that Bilic’s controversial December dismissal should be Albion’s 2020 Moment to Forget, but it could transpire that Allardyce’s appointment is what keeps West Brom in the top-flight which would justify his sacking, if not the manner of it.

But the WBA Report writers believe the postponement of football due to COVID-19 is this year’s moment to forget.

The uncertainty surrounding the resumption of the league, its potential cancellation and the financial implications not just for our beloved West Brom but of all clubs in the football league and non-league was tragic, shocking and worrying.

Obviously issues like COVID-19 transcend football and put in to perspective the trials and tribulations of being a football fan when faced with a global pandemic of a scary and confusing disease. But the postponement of the beautiful game reminded us of why we love it so much. It highlighted what the game and our clubs mean to us as fans, which was no better showcased by the joy it brought us when it finally returned, even if we couldn’t experience it in person as we’d like.

We hope this pandemic doesn’t dominate 2021 like it has this year, and we can progress onwards with the safe return of fans to football very soon. We truly hope to forget the impact of COVID not just in football, but in everyday life.

The recipient of the 2020 WBA Report Moment to Forget is the COVID’s Postponement of Football.