#2 Steve Clarke

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Steve Clarke joined the Baggies in 2012.

He had a win percentage of 31% over his 60 games in charge, and during this time he managed to guide WBA to 8th in the league, our highest finish since 1981.

He won 14 league games, the most ever for the Albion in a Premier League season, as well as 48 points — another record.

These records place him high on this list but he doesn’t make top spot due to his downfall in December 2013.

#1 Tony Mowbray

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Tony Mowbray won the Championship with West Brom and this places him at the top of this list.

He oversaw 140 games with a record of 57 wins. He joined in 2006 and left in 2009 but managed to win promotion prior to leaving the Hawthorns for Celtic, which places him at the top of the pack of Albion managers since the millennium.

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