Roy Hodgson has revealed to The Sun that whilst manager of West Brom, he had scouts watching Jamie Vardy, then at Fleetwood, before the striker joined Leicester in May 2012.

West Brom had Jamie Vardy shortlisted as one of several strikers they were interested in signing in the January transfer window during the 2011-2012 season.

Ultimately, the Baggies looked elsewhere instead and Leicester City made the plunge, buying Vardy for £1m.

“I remember going to watch him when I was at West Brom in 2011-2012,” Hodgson told The Sun journalist Rob Maul. “He has been on the scene a long time. He’s been quite brilliant.”

“I don’t remember Vardy ever being injured, and you know Vardy will be chasing down your centre-backs.

“And when the ball goes into the penalty area, and he’s got a chance to shoot, he will. And more often than not he scores.

“Without a doubt, Vardy will go down in history as one of the best signings a club has ever made.”

If Jamie Vardy had signed for the Baggies in 2012, what a different world it would be; Leicester would never have had that glorious Premier League victory and Albion may not have fared so badly in the division and dropped down to the Championship with a lethal finisher like him upfront.

Oh, what could have been…